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Spark Box Residency

Last week I came back from a spectacular week-long residency at Spark Box Studio, run by Chrissy Poitras and Kyle Topping in Picton, ON. I was a lucky recipient of one of their Emerging Artist Residency Awards and I was so excited to see what the week would have in store for me. I documented my process of making a four colour reduction linocut, so this post is pretty image heavy. I’ll keep the commentary light and let the pictures tell most of the story:

Here’s my little work space. Each artist at Spark Box gets a private studio space and bedroom, but Chrissy and Kyle are open to artists claiming their own work space in the print shop or house. I picked this sunny corner in the print shop. The counters were too low to sit with a stool and too high for a chair so I improvised.MartaChudolinska02

My final sketch and some colour studiesMartaChudolinska03

I brought this lady with me from my studio, just to have a familiar face around.MartaChudolinska04

The view outside the window, Spark Box Home Base.MartaChudolinska05   

The carving of the first layer at the end of my first night.MartaChudolinska06

First layer carving complete.MartaChudolinska08

The print shop!MartaChudolinska05b

A joyful and well-organized ink station.MartaChudolinska05c

Preparing the etching press to print the first colour.MartaChudolinska09

Inking up the block with the first colour.MartaChudolinska10

First colour printed! That was the easy part…MartaChudolinska11

Spark Box is such a beautiful, bright space to work in. Such a pleasure to work in a well-stocked shop!MartaChudolinska12

Second layer ready for printing.MartaChudolinska13

I love the way the roller looks after you’ve rolled the ink on the linoleum… an ephemeral print in its own way.MartaChudolinska14

The second layer printed… this is when I realized that my registration method was far from perfect.MartaChudolinska15

I took occasional breaks to strum this red uke, a good way to stretch those cramped carving fingers!MartaChudolinska16

Third layer cut on the lino.MartaChudolinska17

Third layer printed. Also, I found the drying rack!MartaChudolinska18

On the evening when I carved the last layer, there was a sharp drop in temperature, fierce wind and a beautiful sky.MartaChudolinska19MartaChudolinska20MartaChudolinska20a

Inking up the last layer. I really want to get one of these huge rollers now. Rolling up with it made me feel like such a badass.MartaChudolinska22

Placing the paper and trying to line it up with the previous layers was definitely the most stressful part of this process!MartaChudolinska23

Laying down the press blankets.MartaChudolinska24

The reveal!MartaChudolinska25

All four colours printed!MartaChudolinska26

On Saturday evening, Chrissy, Kyle, my residency mate Michelle and I went to the Firelight Lantern Festival where we saw some amazing lanterns made by people in the community. MartaChudolinska26aMartaChudolinska26bMartaChudolinska28MartaChudolinska29

The shadow puppet show put on by Small Pond Arts was so impressive and inspiring. I would love to work on one of these some day. It featured shadow puppets and shadow actors and was narrated by a very engaging storyteller (standing on the left).MartaChudolinska34 MartaChudolinska36

The end of my residency came so quickly! Here’s my bedroom with a wonderful handmade quilt. There are so many great prints and paintings hanging all around the house. MartaChudolinska37

Peaceful view from the kitchen table. MartaChudolinska38

I made 39 copies of the print but since many of them were off-register, I had to choose my edition carefully. MartaChudolinska42

I ended up with an edition of ten, plus about 15 artist proofs. I kept a few of the bad prints and ripped up the really bad ones. It felt kind of crazy but also very cathartic! I think it’s really easy for artists to have a tendency to hoard and lately I’ve been trying hard to resist the impulse to hold on to everything.MartaChudolinska43

The final step, trimming the prints down to size. FInal paper size is 11″ x 14″. MartaChudolinska44MartaChudolinska45MartaChudolinska45b Here’s little Rico to wish you farewell!MartaChudolinska47

Many thanks to Chrissy and Kyle for providing me with this amazing opportunity to relax, create and learn!

latest news

Hm, so I disappeared for the rest of April, but don’t be a-feared, it does not mean I was not up to no good. I was lucky enough to participate in a one month residency with my pal Sara T at the Artscape Gibraltar Point on the Toronto Islands! Expect to see more records of what I’ve been up to now that I’m back in the city and keeping close to my computer, aka. this.