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Papercut Process

Papercut Process

Here’s a progress shot from the latest installment of my new-ish comic, Babcia, which is appearing in the pages of Broken Pencil. Each time I tell myself I’m going to simplify my technique… you can see how well that’s going for me 🙂

Other news: Busy as usual! What else is new? Actually, I did take some awesome time this summer to go camping, travel, volunteer at a music festival and do all kinds of wonderful outdoorsy, summery things. But now my nose is back to the grindstone. Once the papercut is in the bag, I’ll resume working on a 30-page fiction comic that I’ll be debuting at SPX. My second big ‘Merican comics show! I’m so excited! If you live in the DC/Maryland area or have some friends who do, consider coming out to this sweet event.


A Look at Things to Come

I’ve been thinking a lot about the future… thinking about what and how I’ll make in the next few months, what I’ll be up to a year from now and also, beyond, beyond. I have mixed feelings about planning my life. I realize that planning too much is pointless: we can’t predict how the world around us will shift, how we will change and along with us our desires and dreams. At the same time, I like to dream big and know I won’t get anywhere near my goals unless I figure out how I’m going to reach them. Planning can also be scary!   What if that thing you’ve worked so hard towards doesn’t work? Or, perhaps worse, what if it succeeds and you HATE it? When your plans fall outside of anything mainstream, dependable or financially stable, you can almost hear the concerned mothers and fathers of the world tense up (however old and independent you may be); not the most reassuring sound.

Still, at this point, I’m excited about the new possibilities I am working towards, whether or not they turn out how they now appear in my mind’s eye!

To conclude this vague little post, here’s a few process shots from one of my most recently completed projects: a papercut comic about my late Grandmother. It will be published in the next issue of Broken Pencil!


My biggest lesson from this project? Nothing beats a sharp blade! Forget about size, shape, ergonomics… it’s all about the sharp!

My first papercut