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February is over at last and our deluded, hopeful minds turn to thoughts of Spring (deluded in my part of the world anyway, we’ve got a few months of cold yet). I can’t help but be hopeful though… past 6pm and it’s not dark outside!

It’s not quite crocus and daffodil time in Ontario yet, but things are getting pretty colourful in my sketchbook. I just got a beautiful case of LYRA Rembrandt pencil crayons (colored pencils for you ‘Mericans out there) and have had a great time playing with them. (Thanks to Julie Delporte for the recommendation in this review!)

PencilCrayon Marta Chudolinska

Pencilcrayon2 Marta Chudolinska

Pencilcrayon3 Marta Chudolinska

Pencilcrayon4 Marta Chudolinska

In other news, my first fest of the year will be the Kazoo Print Expo (formerly the Kazoo Zine & Comic Expo) in Guelph on April 6th. (I was at the OCAD U Zine Fair yesterday but I’m not counting it since I was the organizer and was more focused on running the show than selling).


I am SO excited for this show! My boyf and I had a really great time tabling at the expo last year and running around Guelph checking out bands before and after. We also met some great peeps from Toronto! The highlight for me was the acoustic breakfast show on Sunday which closed up the festival. Great tunes, little kids running around and chocolate chip and blueberry pancakes until you burst! And a gigantic Kazoo piñata which was too well-constructed for anyone to break open. Haha… I’m going to be telling my grandkids about that show! Anyway, if you’re in the Guelph area… or within busing distance… make your way to Kazoo! It’s not the biggest show but the vibe is great, the talent is awesome and the music is the extra icing on the cake. Also, I will have some new stuff for sale! Previews to come 🙂