Marta Chudolinska (pronounced who-doh-lean-ska) is responsible for all this nonsense.

Activities: printmaker, bookbinder, zinester, drawer, writer, painter ( etc.)

Likes: art, bicycles, strangers who smile, keeners, beer, comics, nature, time travel, acting tough, weirdos, pma, vegetables, feminism

Dislikes: expensive stuff, TV commercials, regrets

Home base: Toronto, Ontario

Contact: martachudolinska@gmail.com


  1. Ben S

    hey smarta!

    not sure i have a current email address for you.
    i have a (hopefully) quick paper-gluing question, and you’re the only bookmaker i know, figured you’d have some insight.

    Benny and the Jets

  2. Elaine Chau

    Hi Marta,
    I work for CBC Radio’s On the Coast here in Vancouver and I’m hoping to chat with you about “Back + Forth”. Is there a number I can call you at?

  3. Bakery Crossword Guy

    Your drawings are beautiful, not weird. Being a keener, too, I was kinda hoping to see more math-related stuff, though.

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