Boom Boom Boom binding

Here is a little look at a copy of Boom Boom Boom. I sold out of the copies I had ready for TCAF but there are many left to bind. I’m going to have busy hands for the next few weeks!

Japanese Stab Binding with a hinged hardcover

Title and endpages

An image from my story Wild Seed

Back cover 🙂

Meanwhile, in the studio…

Studio work is always made happier with a robust selection of snacks!



  1. Marta

    Thanks Kitty and Jacob! I like taking process shots because they help me remember how much hard work I put into something. Once the work is done, it can be easy to forget!

    I am actually leaving this studio soon even though it is such a beautiful space (can’t beat the natural light you get from those huge, rickety windows!). It’s a shared space with a lot of benefits, like access to amazing equipment, but I’m going to be transitioning to having a solo studio at home that I can customize to my own needs. I’m really excited about it!

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